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The MS STUBNITZ will be docked for class renewal in theNorderwerft in order to maintain the operating license for another 5 years. In the dry dock, inspections and maintenancewill be carried out which are necessary for obtaining the required approvals. It is a former reefer ship from the former East German deep sea fishing fleet and since 1992a seagoing vessel, which is used for public events. The ship is regularly on the go in the North and Baltic Seas – the course is set for: Culture & Harbors

Category: Community
City: Hamburg
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Funding period: 09/01/2014, 11:30 AM to 10/10/2014, 11:59 PM    
Realisation period: 1.9.-10.10.

What is this project all about?

On Sep 1st the MS STUBNITZ will be docked for class renewal in the Norderwerft - a costly affair, which the non-profit association cannot manage alone. A significant deposit, required before the dry dock, will be financed through a short-term loan. The crew hopes that a broad stakeholder community is prepared to make a financial contribution to the conservation of this cultural venue.
Through a class renewal in 2014, the operating license of MS STUBNITZ will be maintained for another 5 years. The inspections must be carried out in the dry dock. They include inspections of propellers, rudders, and an overhaul of the underwater fittings and inspection of the outer layer. In the course of the inspections the underwater paint will also be redone. In order to maintain the Stubnitz as an event ship and maritime monument, your support is needed.

What is the project goal and who is the project for?

All culture-loving people! Although we want to clearly address the music, art, and culture scene, we would also like to reach the advocates who may support the ship as a technical monument and the non-profit association itself. The Stubnitz eV - for 22 years the ship/venue owner - has been able to build a substantial international network. We hope to motivate audiences from Hamburg, Rostock, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, London, etc. to participate.

Why would you support this project?

The support brings the MS Stubnitz, on its 50th anniversary, perspective for the coming next 5 years. The ship is not just a platform for music, cultural events, documentation and communication in Hamburg, but will also be used for projects in other European port cities. Three former cargo holds are used as function rooms for live music, exhibitions, performances and installations. Artists and employees can be accommodated and fed on board.

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded? 

The money raised will be used for the docking.

Who are the people behind the project?

The project is led by the non-profit Verein Motorschiff Stubnitz e.V (MS Stubnitz Association) founded in 1995, which has developed into the ship’s operator. The work to be completed will not only support the ship’s preservation but also the development of the ship as a cultural venue through the organization of cultural activities including contemporary art and cultural projects. The ship’s maintenance and the cultural work are done largely by volunteers, although the strong support of many businesses and individuals has become indispensable.

We want to invite all supporters to our "Supporter-Party" on friday 10.10.! More information about the party coming soon via facebook, our homepage and the crowdfunding-blog.

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