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The businessman will take care of the business of dogs. He will return their "businesses" to the owners of these dogs. He will have a specialised bike with lots of gimmicks to do his job. This film is not against dogs, not at all!! It should just remind dog owners to take care of the dog poo.

Love Your dogs and Your neighbours

Category: Movie / Video
City: Hamburg
Tags: doggiiibag, doggybag, doggiebag, hundehaufen, guido moeller, helmut zierl, Hundebesitzer, Stadtreinigung, Männer, Frauen, Rollstuhl, Menschen, shit happens, love, dogs, neighbours, liebt, Hund, Nachbarn, shit control
Funding period: 12/24/2013, 03:58 PM to 03/02/2014, 11:59 PM    

What is this project all about?

Have you ever stepped into dog dirt? Yes? How was it like? Not good?

It has happend to the most of us and I don´t know a single person who likes it.

This Film Doggiiibag deals with this subject in a very funny way.
Not gross - just funny.

What is the project goal and who is the project for?

This film is for everybody - for those with and without dogs. For those who use poo collecting bags and those who don´t. For those people who have never ever stepped into dog dirt and those who maybe will someday.

Why would you support this project?

To keep the sidewalks clean, so that no dog must step into dog poo or any other person or UFO.
To support a funny film and to rescue the planet. If you were an alien, would you like to land on a shitty planet? What would their reaction be like, if they put their laser beam into dog poo?

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded? 

If we do collect more that 100%, we are able to add some more funny scenes to the film, shoot with more cameras, shoot stunts, use drones etc..

It´s a global problem therefore this film will have no dialogs - just comic sounds and music.
This film shall be shown in every country ;-)

If we really get a lot(!) of money from the crowd we could film on international locations in the end….but first we start in Hamburg.

If we don´t reach 100% everybody will get his money back (100% of it).

Who are the people behind the project?

Guido Möller works in film business as director and director of photography.
As [Schalt-] Kreismeister (Master of circuits) he produces electronic entertainment with a (partly self build) modular synthesizer system.

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